About Instate Collective

Where it all started

Instate Collective started as an idea between two best friends talking over Saturday morning coffee: what if there was an Amazon for products Made in the USA? We had walked around our city, watched the news, and had been quarantined for months by that point, with the most striking problem being Covid’s impact on small businesses.

So we sprung to action, launching Instate Collective. We believe the products we buy say a lot about us, and it’s important to understand where our products come from. Aren’t you wondering where the shirt you’re wearing comes from? (Check the label and let us know!)

We’re here to help you find quality products made in the USA. We are inspired every day by those who have pledged to buy American-made and only American-made. We are trying to make it easier.

We’re in downtown Miami, the best place to be for startups and tech right now. We’ve been interviewed by the Mayor of Miami, have a board of advisors who have all had a company acquired individually, and are fueled by the ecosystem of brilliant founders, investors, VC’s, funds, and directors. Our ecosystem is strong.

Our vision

The future of Made in USA

Instate Collective is fueled by the future of made in the USA. We imagine a world where brands that are founded here, stay here. We uncover new companies every day and we don’t want them to leave. That the “Made in USA” tag is a value add.

Mayor Suarez thinks so too. With the spotlight shining on Miami and all of its innovation, we’ve joined the movement. Moral leadership and ethical companies are on the rise, and they are moving to the city. It’s not enough to sell a “good” product/service anymore. Instate Collective is setting a new standard in the eCommerce space.

 Catch the founders on a Cafecito Tech Talk with Mayor Suarez to learn more about Instate Co. making its way to Miami.