Made in USA & Ethical Expectations

Made in the USA as defined by PRO Marketplace encompasses a wide array of product development that occurs within the United States. Read more below about your obligations as a Made in the USA brand.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By listing Made in the USA items for sale through PRO Marketplace, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. Selling Made in the USA Items
2. Using Production Assistance
3. Being Transparent About Your Business
4. Ethical Expectations

1. Selling Made in the USA Items

Made in the USA on PRO Marketplace is a spectrum. On one end, we have businesses who source everything down to the cotton of a t-shirt within the United States. On the other end, we have businesses who interact with the last steps of the production process, like sewing together a garment, but rely on outside assistance or another business to help produce them. Many vendors fall in the middle of the spectrum.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, you must be transparent about who is helping you and how your items are being made. Everything listed as Made in the USA must be products that are designed, assembled, sewn, made, crafted, constructed, manufactured and/or grown in the United States. PRO Marketplace reserves the right to use further similar terms when describing Made in the USA.

2. Using Production Assistance

Keep in mind that people come to PRO Marketplace to discover items Made in the USA, to support their local economies, to trust that a product comes from a sustainable and ethical source. Your design and production process should lead to the creation of an item Made in the USA.

We may reach out to you at any time with a more detailed inquiry about your business. Please be prepared to provide additional details about the origins of your business, your role in the design process, and your production process, as well as what efforts your production partner has made to follow our ethical expectations.

We understand that you may wish to keep the details of your design and business practices confidential. Please be assured that PRO Marketplace will not use the private information you provide us for any purpose other than reviewing your business to determine that you are in compliance with our policies.

We reserve the right to reject any production partnerships that aren't in the letter or spirit of this policy.

3. Being Transparent About Your Business

At PRO Marketplace, we value transparency. Transparency means that you honestly and accurately represent yourself, your items, and your business. As a Made in the USA brand, you agree to: 

1. Disclose in your About section the location where the majority of your products are sources and/or where you run your business;
2. That your products are made in the USA to the greatest extent possible;
3. Use your own words and photographs (not stock photos) to describe your items; and
4. Respond to any inquiries from us in a timely manner. We may ask you how your items are made, what workspace, tools, and equipment you use; and general questions about your production location. 

Remember: Our marketplace is built on trust. Providing false, inaccurate, or misleading information is prohibited by our Terms of Use. If we find that you’re not being open and honest with us, we may suspend or terminate your account.

4. Ethical Expectations: What We Expect from Vendors

Trust is the foundation of PRO Marketplace’s community. When you work with production partners, we trust you will make wise and informed choices. That means knowing that the businesses you collaborate with comply with all applicable laws, including safety, labor, and employment laws.

While PRO Marketplace does not audit or approve production partners, we do expect you to consider the following standards when choosing production partners to work with: 1. No child labor or youth labor. Any production partner you choose to work with should follow all local laws and rules regarding working hours and working conditions for minors. 

2. No involuntary labor. Production partners should not use involuntary labor, including slave labor, prison labor, indentured labor, or forced labor.

3. Humane working conditions. Work with production partners who provide humane working hours for their employees and who do not use any form of physical or psychological coercion or intimidation against their workers.  

4. No tolerance for discrimination on the basis of: Race, Color, Ethnicity, National origin, Religion, Gender, Gender identity, Sexual orientation, Disability, Any other characteristic protected under applicable law.

PRO Marketplace may reach out for additional information to determine sellers' commitment to these expectations.

PRO Marketplace cannot guarantee the conditions under which products listed for sale on PRO were made. PRO does not currently audit third-party production partners based on labor or other standards, and we do not require vendors to demonstrate that the materials incorporated into their products comply with the laws in the country or countries in which such suppliers do business. PRO is not responsible for any production partners chosen by vendors.